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Failing to install an ignition interlock after a DWI is a crime

Under New York state law (“Leandra’s Law”), all people convicted of a driving while intoxicated charge must install an ignition interlock device in all vehicles they own or operate. It is a crime to drive without an ignition interlock device when your license is restricted in such a way. Doing so is a misdemeanor.

Convictions Based On Faulty Hair Analysis Under Review

Despite all the CSI crime shows on TV that hype definitive laboratory evidence, science isn’t always an exact science. In fact, several types of evidence have been proven to be faulty and one of the core problems is that it takes fallible human judgement to make the final call about “facts.”

More New Yorkers will be able to seal previous convictions

Recently, New York lawmakers increased the age of criminal responsibility to 18. While this proposal received significant media coverage, a lesser-known part of that bill may nonetheless have greater ramifications, particularly for people who have criminal convictions stemming from when they were young.

A defendant's silence used as evidence

When arrested, it is imperative to remain silent. Most people are familiar with the part of the Miranda warning that notes, "Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law." For those accused of a crime, a recent decision highlights the fact that it really pays to be particular about who you speak to after being arrested.

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