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April 2016 Archives

New York "Pot Mom" sentenced to time served

New York residents may recall the media furor surrounding the 2013 arrest of a Westchester mother for allegedly running a large-scale marijuana growing and distribution operation out of a warehouse in Queens County. The woman was dubbed the 'Pot Mom" by tabloid writers, and her exploits were compared in to those of the character played by Mary Louise Parker in the hit Showtime series 'Weeds." Observers have speculated for some time that the woman has been assisting federal agents with other marijuana cases, and these suspicions were confirmed on April 19 when she received a sentence of time served in return for her cooperation.

The push for marijuana legalization

April 20th has long been an unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts and advocates. A poll released in April 2016 says that 56 percent of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal. This is compared to 36 percent who were polled and said that they are against legalization of marijuana. The approval rating was the highest it has ever been, and is slightly higher than the approval rating from 2015. The state of New York has legalized it for medical purposes only, but lawmakers are considering allowing its use for recreational purposes as well.

DEA may drop marijuana from class of most dangerous drugs

New York is one of several states in which medical marijuana is legal, and now the Drug Enforcement Administration is considering dropping it from its list of the most dangerous drugs. These are Schedule I drugs, and marijuana is being considered for a downgrade to Schedule II.

The relationship between a driver's BAC level and a DUI charge

A routine stop of a motorist on a New York street for a minor traffic violation can quickly escalate into much more serious charges if the police officer suspects that the person was driving while intoxicated. If the officer's suspicions are confirmed by a field sobriety test, it probably will result in an arrest and a chemical test to determine the individual's blood alcohol content level. The penalties for a conviction of drunk driving charges in New York are harsher for a motorist whose BAC level is high.

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