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September 2016 Archives

Skin patch developed to check alcohol consumption

Some New Yorkers might try to avoid the risk of getting stopped for drunk driving by using a designated driver. However, in some cases, that driver might have one or two drinks without realizing the harm that could come from it. A startup called DermaTec has developed a skin patch that measures alcohol intake and changes color when the person's blood alcohol rises above a certain number.

New York driver faces impaired driving charge

Police say that a 64-year-old man was under the influence of alcohol while driving a limo carrying family members to Long Island from JFK Airport in New York City on Sept. 20. As he approached an accident scene at Sunrise Highway in Sayville, police told him to pull over as he had been driving erratically. However, the man drove another half-mile before finally pulling over according to police.

Petit larceny and grand larceny

New York residents may be charged with larceny if they are accused of stealing property from another person by physically taking the property, using fraud to obtain the property or embezzling the property. To convict an individual for larceny, the prosecution must be able to show that the defendant intended to withhold the stolen property from its owner permanently or for such a long time that the property's value would decrease significantly.

Study offers New York parents insights about teen drinking

At the annual gathering of the American Sociological Association, researchers presented the results of a survey about teen drinking. The responses of over 1,100 teenagers and young adults showed that clear parental rules against consuming alcohol reduced the likelihood of drinking among youth.

Drunk driver interrupts birthday party at New York restaurant

The family of a woman celebrating her 30th birthday at the Mill Pond Inn on Main Street in Centerport had its festivities disrupted when a suspected drunk driver hit nine vehicles parked outside the restaurant. The vehicles of other patrons were damaged as well.

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