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March 2017 Archives

Did you know there are special courts for domestic violence?

Did you know that the state of New York has specific government initiatives designed to prevent domestic violence? The state is vocally committed to preventing domestic violence and helping victims through a sophisticated system of shelters, hotlines, intervention, counseling and other resources. As a result, victims have access to a variety of options that allow them to navigate domestic violence courts.

Accused of shoplifting? You do not deserve to be assaulted.

What happens to defendants who are accused of stealing from a retail store? If you have heard about a shoplifting defendant who was harmed during a "takedown" by a retail employee, you are not alone - but is that kind of treatment really legal? The fact is that too many New York business owners take matters into their own hands when they are dealing with shoplifters, often violating defendants' rights when it comes to property crimes prosecution.

Do police body cameras translate to increased accountability?

There has been a push in recent years for police to be armed with an unexpected weapon: body cameras. These cameras, supporters argue, will help protect police against allegations of brutality while also better ensuring that the public they serve can trust these officers. After all, the argument goes, their actions are being recorded.

What is an ignition interlock used for in a DWI conviction?

What happens if you are required to have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle after a drunk driving conviction? In the state of New York, many drivers have to deal with the ignition interlock system, since it has been mandatory for DWI convictions since August 2010. Even those defendants who have only been convicted of misdemeanors may be required to have these devices installed in their vehicles.

Hernandez attorneys: Drug use may play role in criminal defense

Former New England Patriot's football player Aaron Hernandez may attempt to introduce controversial evidence about drug use into his upcoming murder trial. The professional athlete is mounting a criminal defense against two first-degree murder charges, but reports show that his legal team may seek to establish that Hernandez' drug use caused psychological impacts that compromised his judgment. Hernandez' team of attorneys have said that he was smoking up to an ounce of marijuana per day at the time of the murders, which may lead to reasonable doubt if a major psychological effect can be demonstrated.

Undocumented immigrants suffering more domestic abuse

New research shows that President Trump's immigration crackdown could have negative effects for victims of household abuse. Experts in New York and other states say that immigrants who are victims of domestic abuse are even less likely to report their attackers in this anti-immigrant climate. They face a difficult choice, according to advocates - "out" themselves as undocumented residents to authorities, or continue to suffer in silence.

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