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May 2017 Archives

Times Square driver had previous drunk driving conviction

The driver who crashed into a group of people in Times Square has a history of drunk driving, according to official reports. The New York driver apparently had a past that was troubled with more than just a DWI, indicating that perhaps he was not getting the help he needed before he caused the fatal crash. The defendant has been charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with the incident. An 18-year-old woman died when the defendant allegedly plowed into a group of visitors in the Big Apple.

New York seizes millions in criminal defense assets annually

Did you know that the state of New York can seize your personal assets even if you have not been convicted of a crime? Criminal defense attorneys know this practice as "civil asset forfeiture," and it happens more than you might think. Defendants often suffer serious setbacks when officers seize vehicles, bank accounts, cash and other assets simply because they are thought to be connected with criminal activity. You do not even have to be charged with a crime for this seizure to occur! In all, reports show that annual revenues from civil asset forfeiture pad the state's coffers with an additional $28 million per year.

Domestic violence rate rise spurs task force into action

A new report out of New York City's mayor's office indicates that intimate partner homicides are on the rise in the municipality. Authorities say that domestic violence homicides rose by a dramatic 20 percent in 2016, jumping to 59 cases from their 2015 level of 49 cases. Also, the city saw an overall rise in the number of reported domestic assault charges, with an increase of about 1.3 percent. During that same span, other violent crimes such as rape and murder dropped by about 3.6 percent.

Is drugged driving the new focus of DWI enforcement?

When you think of a DWI charge, do you imagine someone who is drunk behind the wheel? You may be surprised to learn that drugs are now the top concern for many DWI experts, as more areas legalize marijuana and struggle with the opioid epidemic. New York may see additional consequences because of these drug problems, particularly since other states in the region - notably, Massachusetts - are legalizing pot for recreational use.

Convictions Based On Faulty Hair Analysis Under Review

Despite all the CSI crime shows on TV that hype definitive laboratory evidence, science isn’t always an exact science. In fact, several types of evidence have been proven to be faulty and one of the core problems is that it takes fallible human judgement to make the final call about “facts.”

Does drunk driving increase during the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

New York Rangers fans are certainly in a better mood after winning a game in the eastern conference playoffs. Much is said about the playoff atmosphere at a hockey game, especially in Madison Square Garden. Indeed, the energy is undeniable, but how much is that energy due to the amount of alcohol fans consume?

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