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Have An Outstanding Warrant? Clear It At DA's Event

If you have an outstanding low-level summons warrant, now is your chance to get it cleared. The Queens district attorney is co-hosting a free event that is offering people a chance to start fresh and clear their names.

New York seizes millions in criminal defense assets annually

Did you know that the state of New York can seize your personal assets even if you have not been convicted of a crime? Criminal defense attorneys know this practice as "civil asset forfeiture," and it happens more than you might think. Defendants often suffer serious setbacks when officers seize vehicles, bank accounts, cash and other assets simply because they are thought to be connected with criminal activity. You do not even have to be charged with a crime for this seizure to occur! In all, reports show that annual revenues from civil asset forfeiture pad the state's coffers with an additional $28 million per year.

Pharmacist dodges murder rap in criminal defense

A New York pharmacist is facing serious sanctions during his criminal trial for actions that led to the deaths of multiple patients. The man mounted a criminal defense against allegations of mail fraud, racketeering, and second-degree murder in the case. After being convicted of the white collar crimes - but acquitted for the second-degree murder charges - the man is now awaiting sentencing that is set for June.

Do police body cameras translate to increased accountability?

There has been a push in recent years for police to be armed with an unexpected weapon: body cameras. These cameras, supporters argue, will help protect police against allegations of brutality while also better ensuring that the public they serve can trust these officers. After all, the argument goes, their actions are being recorded.

Hernandez attorneys: Drug use may play role in criminal defense

Former New England Patriot's football player Aaron Hernandez may attempt to introduce controversial evidence about drug use into his upcoming murder trial. The professional athlete is mounting a criminal defense against two first-degree murder charges, but reports show that his legal team may seek to establish that Hernandez' drug use caused psychological impacts that compromised his judgment. Hernandez' team of attorneys have said that he was smoking up to an ounce of marijuana per day at the time of the murders, which may lead to reasonable doubt if a major psychological effect can be demonstrated.

Tips for New Yorkers who got a DWI after the Super Bowl

Super Bowl weekend is known as a time to get together with friends, cheer on a team and let go of reality for a couple of hours. Unfortunately for some, reality may hit when you see red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror as you head home after the game.

Basketball player facing assault charges after New York brawl

Professional basketball player Matt Barnes is facing criminal charges in connection with an altercation in December in New York City. Barnes, who is a forward for the Sacramento Kings, is mounting a criminal defense against misdemeanor assault charges for his alleged involvement in the incident, which happened at a night club in Chelsea. Barnes, age 36, and his teammate DeMarcus Cousins are both implicated in the assault charges. Authorities say the fight occurred after Barnes bumped into a woman and she slapped him. Cousins and Barnes allegedly began beating a male victim after that initial encounter.

What can I expect in my New York criminal defense case?

Are you concerned about fully understanding the processes associated with your criminal case? For many clients, their first encounter with the criminal defense process occurs when they walk through our doors for the first time. From the initial arrest through the final piece of paperwork, our attorneys provide you with the step-by-step assistance that you need to understand potential penalties associated with your criminal charges in New York.

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