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Domestic violence charges can impact your freedom and family

Things might have gone too far with your spouse during an argument and now you are looking at domestic violence charges. These charges can have a big impact on your life because they involve a violent crime. A conviction can impact your life in a host of ways. One thing that you have to remember if you find yourself in the unbelievable position of facing these charges is that you have the right to defend yourself against the charges.

Interpreter rules to aid domestic violence defendants

Can a language barrier in criminal cases prevent defendants from exercising their legal rights? That question is arising more often in New York domestic violence cases, as more victims are being considered as perpetrators because police cannot understand their stories. Imagine calling the police for help to protect you from an abuser - only to find yourself being hauled off, facing arrest and domestic assault charges because you sought assistance. It is not unfathomable - and it has happened to people in our city.

Domestic violence rate rise spurs task force into action

A new report out of New York City's mayor's office indicates that intimate partner homicides are on the rise in the municipality. Authorities say that domestic violence homicides rose by a dramatic 20 percent in 2016, jumping to 59 cases from their 2015 level of 49 cases. Also, the city saw an overall rise in the number of reported domestic assault charges, with an increase of about 1.3 percent. During that same span, other violent crimes such as rape and murder dropped by about 3.6 percent.

Did you know there are special courts for domestic violence?

Did you know that the state of New York has specific government initiatives designed to prevent domestic violence? The state is vocally committed to preventing domestic violence and helping victims through a sophisticated system of shelters, hotlines, intervention, counseling and other resources. As a result, victims have access to a variety of options that allow them to navigate domestic violence courts.

Undocumented immigrants suffering more domestic abuse

New research shows that President Trump's immigration crackdown could have negative effects for victims of household abuse. Experts in New York and other states say that immigrants who are victims of domestic abuse are even less likely to report their attackers in this anti-immigrant climate. They face a difficult choice, according to advocates - "out" themselves as undocumented residents to authorities, or continue to suffer in silence.

New York domestic violence registry up for debate

Should New York residents accused of domestic assault be included on a registry like those designed for sex offenders? Legislators think so -- and this domestic violence registry could be on its way soon in the state. The cause is being championed by a state congressional representative whose constituents lost a daughter to domestic violence.

New rule preps barbers and hairdressers to spot domestic abuse

Going to the salon is a time to relax, a time to enjoy a new haircut, hair color, manicure or pedicure. Whatever the treatment, clients often enjoy some chatter with their hairdresser or nail technician while at the salon. 

Major League baseball player's domestic violence charges dismisse

A criminal case against against Juerys Familia, a pitcher for the New York Mets, was dismissed last week in New York Municipal Court. The judge presiding over the matter dismissed the matter with a Code 6, signifying that there was a lack of prosecution. The baseball player's record will now be expunged.

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