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Times Square driver had previous drunk driving conviction

The driver who crashed into a group of people in Times Square has a history of drunk driving, according to official reports. The New York driver apparently had a past that was troubled with more than just a DWI, indicating that perhaps he was not getting the help he needed before he caused the fatal crash. The defendant has been charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with the incident. An 18-year-old woman died when the defendant allegedly plowed into a group of visitors in the Big Apple.

Is drugged driving the new focus of DWI enforcement?

When you think of a DWI charge, do you imagine someone who is drunk behind the wheel? You may be surprised to learn that drugs are now the top concern for many DWI experts, as more areas legalize marijuana and struggle with the opioid epidemic. New York may see additional consequences because of these drug problems, particularly since other states in the region - notably, Massachusetts - are legalizing pot for recreational use.

Does drunk driving increase during the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

New York Rangers fans are certainly in a better mood after winning a game in the eastern conference playoffs. Much is said about the playoff atmosphere at a hockey game, especially in Madison Square Garden. Indeed, the energy is undeniable, but how much is that energy due to the amount of alcohol fans consume?

Drunk driving defenses might require you to make hard decisions

Drunk driving charges are often the result of a single bad choice. You might have thought that you were fine to drive when you left the bar, but the effects of the alcohol hit you a few miles down the road. You only wanted to get home so you kept on going. Your heart probably dropped into your stomach when you saw the police car behind you with the lights on.

Why do insurance rates rise after a DWI charge?

Did you know that a drunk driving allegation could have a significant impact on your car insurance rates? A DWI can affect many aspects of your life. Even as you are thinking about your license suspension or installation of an ignition interlock device, you could be dealing with higher insurance premiums that could easily break the bank. Instead of just allowing these issues to persist, defendants often benefit from seeking the help of a qualified legal professional to defend their rights in court.

What is an ignition interlock used for in a DWI conviction?

What happens if you are required to have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle after a drunk driving conviction? In the state of New York, many drivers have to deal with the ignition interlock system, since it has been mandatory for DWI convictions since August 2010. Even those defendants who have only been convicted of misdemeanors may be required to have these devices installed in their vehicles.

Multiple-offense DWI drivers face harsher penalties

Did you know that special regulations pertain to those accused of multiple drunk driving offenses in New York? If you have several DWI convictions during a short period of time, you could be subject to additional penalties, license revocation, or permanent prohibition from being able to drive. These added fines and barriers to license reinstatement can be particularly challenging for our clients, which is why we recommend reviewing your case with one of our qualified attorneys before simply pleading guilty to drunk driving charges.

Tips for New Yorkers who got a DWI after the Super Bowl

Super Bowl weekend is known as a time to get together with friends, cheer on a team and let go of reality for a couple of hours. Unfortunately for some, reality may hit when you see red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror as you head home after the game.

Understanding your New York DWI charges

If you are facing drunk driving charges in New York, you probably have questions about the process -- and about the specific charges that could affect your future. Not all DWI charges are created equal. In fact, a variety of drug- and alcohol-related allegations exist, depending on your level of intoxication and a variety of other factors. Understanding your charges is the first step to protecting your future with criminal defense in a New York court.

NFL star released after alleged drunk driving incident

NFL fans in New York and around the country will likely be familiar with the former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd. The 27-year-old former first round draft pick had been expected to sign a lucrative new contract at the end of the 2016 football season, but he was released by the Cardinals on Dec. 14 after being taken into custody by Scottsdale police on drunk driving charges.

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