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Possession of Marijuana, Reckless Endangerment, Driving with a Suspended Licence, DWI, Probation Violation-AMANDA BYNES by SCARDIGNOLAW BLOG

On Behalf of | May 25, 2013 | Criminal Defense, DWI

On Thursday, May 23, 2013, the former child star, Amanda Bynes, who is 27 years old, was arrested once again, this time for allegedly throwing a marijuana bong out the window  of her 36th floor high-rise New York apartment building. The building manager, Rudy Toro,  called the police when he allegedly saw Bynes smoking marijuana in the lobby of the luxury apartment building. When the police arrived and entered her apartment, it is alleged that there was smoke and the odor of marijuana. It was then that Bynes allegedly threw the marijuana bong out of the window. Oddly enough the bong was not recovered. That is a point an Experienced Criminal Lawyer should and would state to the Court hearing the case.

Amanda Bynes was charged with Reckless Endangerment, Attempted Tampering with Evidence, and Marijuana Possession. She faced Manhattan Criminal Court Judge, Neil Ross, on Friday, and was represented by an appointed Criminal Attorney, Andrew Friedman, who stated Bynes denied throwing anything out of the apartment window. Criminal Court Judge Ross warned Bynes about further arrests, but released Bynes on her own recognizance, meaning the Judge did not set bail to insure her return to court on July 9, 2013.  This court date is usually a control date to get an idea where the case may be headed, i.e., for a disposition plea bargain, or a trial.

Bynes has had her share of legal woes in the past requiring her to retain a Criminal Lawyer.  She is reportedly presently on Probation in Burbank,  California for DRIVING WITH A SUSPENDED LICENSE. Bynes was also arrested for a “DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED” in April of 2012 after hitting a police car with her black BMW in West Hollywood. She is also facing a potential VIOLATION OF PROBATION in the Driving with a Suspended License case. If you are on Probation for a Criminal Conviction, and you get re-arrested, you can face jail time for the violation of the condition of you probation. If you receive a letter from your Probation Officer stating that you have Violated Probation, and you need to appear in Court, you should contact a CRIMINAL LAWYER for a FREE CONSULTATION.

When the police come to your home to investigate a complaint or alleged crime, what is your obligation to open your door? Do the police have a warrant? Is there an emergency justifying the police to enter your home without a warrant? Many issues and factors come into play in every situation. It is rare that the factual  issues of 2 different cases are exactly the same. One minor detail can entirely change the legal ramifications of a case. A good Criminal Lawyer will analyze and obtain detailed facts concerning each situation.

Going back to the Bynes situation, what if she refused to let the police enter her apartment? Could the police have forced their way into the apartment? The only allegation at that point was from the building manager who stated she was smoking marijuana in the lobby. Hardly a serious charge or an emergency situation. Should the police have sought a search warrant from the Court? It is interesting to note Bynes was hauled off to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, sources said. During the arrest, Bynes is alleged to have  called 911 alleging that police assaulted her, a police source said. She also filed a formal complaint with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

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Stay tuned to see if Amanda Bynes will stay with her court appointed Criminal Lawyer, Andrew Friedman, or will hire her own Criminal Attorney for the next scheduled court appearance on July 9, and for the details of the outcome of her case.