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As a college student, when I got charged with a misdemeanor it terrified me. I was worried I would never be able to find employment and that everything I’ve worked for thus far was for no reason. After looking at a few local lawyers, I was fortunate enough to find Luke Scardigno. From the first time I spoke to him he assured me that everything would be okay, asked me for an affordable fee and even put my court date in his calendar before I paid him. He took the time to answer all my questions and explain every step of what was happening and is going to happen to me even after my court date was over. He arrived in a timely fashion and got me a better result than I could have hoped for. He was able to get the judge to agree to dismiss and seal my case in just 3 months leaving my record clean. I cannot thank him enough for this and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer; especially in the Queens area.

– Susan B

Luke Scardigno has represented me and other members of my family over the years. His advice was always sound and practical. He was not a showoff and spoke the truth, no matter if that was what you wanted to hear or not. There is no doubt he always looked out for my best interests. One time he went to Suffolk County criminal Court for a family member regarding a matter in which my family member was arrested for protecting his daughter from the next-door neighbor’s aggressive behavior. Luke had the case dismissed. Luke recommended that my family member move to another location after the case was dismissed. Years later that same next-door neighbor was arrested and convicted for raping another neighbor. If you need a good honest lawyer, call Luke. You won’t regret it.

– Frank Koz

Luke Scardigno is really one of those people who goes above and beyond to protect your rights. Not only is highly knowledgeable and successful at what he does, but he also truly cares about your wellbeing and the case outcome. Instead of just getting to know the facts of your case, he makes sure to see the real person behind and to learn as much as possible about your circumstances. He really cares about people! I would recommend Mr. Scardigno to anyone in a heartbeat.

– Maria Nova

From the time I first met Luke Scardigno in his office he immediately put me at ease and made me feel better about my legal situation. When he represented me in court last week, I was the first case to be called out of a whole room full of people, and after just minutes in front of the judge the charges against me were dropped. In just 45 days I will have a completely clean record as if I never got arrested. I was so worried about my job and any negative impact the arrest would have on my future. He assured me right away that everything would be okay. Mr. Scardigno’s calm manner and friendly nature helped me to feel comfortable talking to him. I highly recommend using Luke Scardigno to represent you whatever legal issues you’re facing. Having a good lawyer definitely makes all the difference. My whole court experience and the outcome of my case would have been much different if I hadn’t had him beside me.

– Nancy Finegold

I have known Luke Scardigno professionally for about 10 years, and I continue to use his services for my own, and my family’s legal matters. When I retained him for my first legal matter, he was compassionate about my case, was sympathetic regarding my situation, and achieved an amazing result in the case. He did all that for a very fair price, and it was not all about the money with him, as I had experienced with other lawyers in the past. He was genuinely concerned with the best results on my behalf. He recently has helped me set up a contract for the computer business I own. Even though I know that this is not his primary practice, I went to him because of my great trust in his honesty, integrity, and the hard work he puts into his work. I would recommend Luke Scardigno to anyone who has a legal matter, without any reservation whatsoever.

– Chris M

Mr. Scardino has represented me and my family on multiple occasions over the last two decades. He has always been thorough, well-informed, and diligent in all his undertakings in many different scopes of the law. Having had the opportunity to work closely with a number of lawyers across a broad spectrum of legal specialties, I have found him to be the most reliable, fair-minded, and caring member of his profession I have ever come across.

– Michael Distefano

I was in desperate need of help and representation of my Husband in a false allegations case, and without any questions asked or any money upfront he was able to keep me calm with sound advice. My trust in him is 100%. Thank you

– Kae-Dian L.

I have called on Mr. Scardigno legal services on many occasions, every time he treated me with the most highly respect It was like I was his only client He answered all my questions/needs. He knew what to do. I would tell anyone who is looking for legal service to give Mr. Scardigno a call. He knows his business. Thank you again, for all you have done for me.

– Frank D.

Luke Scardigno helped me with a labor contract dispute. He was thorough, tenacious, and expedient. He took the time to properly evaluate the situation and how to strategically approach my employer. I would absolutely recommend Luke in the future.

– Steve F

I have used Luke Scardigno for over 8 years, he is everything I look for in a lawyer, and gets the job done better than I expected every time. Luke does not stop working until everyone is fully satisfied. For the great prices he gives and his honestly there is no other lawyer I need due to his high range and expertise in many areas. I will hire Luke Scardigno again without reservation.

– Yolanda O

I would highly recommend the services of Luke Scardigno. If I could give 10 stars, I would! Scardigno is such an incredibly talented, caring, personable, and sincere attorney. I could not have asked for better! I was charged with an aggravated DWI this summer and I was beyond disappointed in myself and never though that anything positive could come from the situation. It was the worst night of my life and I felt like my world was crumbling until Scardigno came to meet me at bookings and from the moment I met him I finally had a sense of relief and confidence that everything may be ok. The fear and worry I was feeling was alleviated when he explained to me the future and the process I would go through and assured me that I would not be alone at any moment in my process. Scardigno had left his sons baseball game that day to come to Queens bookings to represent me. I knew from that moment that my family had picked the best lawyer to represent my case. Scardigno made me have a sense of relief every time I spoke with him about the case. He first suggested that I immediately enroll into an Alcohol Counseling program which has been something that has completely changed my life. He also has a unique approach to representing his clients by having them supply him with the necessary information in order to build a picture and story of his client life to the DA. Scardigno truly goes above and beyond for his clients, and for this I am truly grateful. He truly defends you and your integrity and is honestly the most available attorney I have ever come into contact with. No matter how many cases he has, or meetings he has, he always calls and responds to e-mails within the same business day. I have never been worried about his services or confused because he always sets me at ease. Scardigno is the best and I am forever grateful for his services and will continue to recommend him to friends, family and the community. With him on your side your definitely in the best hands!

-Brin Mcc

In a frantic state, I searched the web in search of a good defensive attorney and what can only be described as an act of God. To this I’m not exaggerating because I truly believe Mr. Luke Scardigno was heaven sent at the very moment when my family needed a fair and honest defense attorney. At the very first, Mr. Scardigno was very compassionate and competent. I was relieved to find him not only affordable but caring, very knowledgeable of the law, his legal experience and of the legal system. He knew firsthand the district attorneys he would be dealing with in the Queens system. It was a great relief to find a kind lawyer in a world that I myself was unfamiliar with and had already come across a very jaded and harden district attorney that had made my search for a good defense attorney even more serious. Mr. Scardigno had already got to work on my family’s case even before I officially retained him proving he is a stand-up kind of guy and not just a lawyer. He is a concerned professional in touch with the legal system as well the reality of the world where even good people can find themselves in bad situations. And with that do yourself a favor, save yourself the disappointment, when you cannot afford to make the wrong decision on the defense attorney to represent you – Mr. Luke Scardigno by far was the best decision in my family’s circumstance.

-Angelique Eersteling

I search the web for a lawyer in Queens when I needed one. I made the right choice when I chose Luke Scardigno. On our first visit he was honest and said this is not going to be easy, but you will get through this. Without going into much detail, it was almost a year to go through many classes and court dates. And now did go through the mess and Luke Scardigno made it easier to deal with. He showed up on every court date with a positive attitude and did what he could to help me. If anyone needs a lawyer, please choose Luke Scardigno and you will not regret it. Thank you, Luke.

-Doris Lemaire

My family and I were in a desperate need for an attorney that understood our difficult situation. We weren’t looking for just another attorney to navigate us through a stack full of documents, but need one that would listen to our needs. We needed an attorney that would help us understand what we needed to do next. After talking to Luke for a few minutes we knew we found the right lawyer. He walked us through the process and made everyone feel comfortable. Luke is a true professional and one that cares very deeply for his clients. After our legal issues were behind us Luke felt like part of the family. I will always remember the feeling that I hired a friend and not just another attorney with a bunch of post-it-notes that say, “sign here”. If I ever find myself in the need of an attorney there’s no question that Luke would get the call again. Thank you, Luke!!

-Sandro Blaslov

I was charged with a DWI and I immediately started looking for an attorney, as I was searching thru google, I ran into Mr. Luke Scardigno’s website and started reading about him, after reading I called him and everything just started going smoothly from there, I am new to this and was totally nervous I can’t begin to explain how his service took my nervousness away. Excellent Attorney All the Best Luke.

-J Jean

Unfortunately, I had 4 different criminal cases during a bad time in my life. 2 in Queens and 2 in Nassau County. I was very lucky and fortunate to find Luke Scardigno from the very first case. Because of his knowledge of the law, experience with the legal system, and his caring about what happened to me, I do not have a criminal record even after 4 different arrests. Because of him I was able to get a job since I could write on my job applications that I was never convicted of a crime. Thanks Luke! Stephen, Queens, NY.

-Stephen Nagy Jr.

There are not enough words to express our sincere thanks, and praise to Luke Scardigno. Due to his Kindness, Caring, Professionalism and skilled defense life has returned to normal. During one of the toughest times in life I was fortunate to find Luke Scardigno. For the Best Defense, Understanding and Compassion at a time when it is needed most The Best and Only Choice is Luke Scardigno.


Luke was a great lawyer! He handled my case above expectations and was always available to answer all of my questions in a clear and understandable way all the way through to the last bit of paperwork. Dealing with the courts is never a fun experience but Luke made it as painless as possible.

-A Google User

Luke Scardigno is knowledgeable, competent and caring. He spends as much time as you need from the beginning of the case and even when it is over.

-A Google User

Mr. Scardigno did an excellent job handling my case. It was unique in a way since the DWI complicated and correlated with my other cases at the Federal and Family Courts. He was very professional about every step of the procedure. As the matter of fact, he showed that he was taking matters personally in despite of a cap we agreed on. He put much more effort and time into it then his job has required. I am sure that the outcome would be much worse if it was not for his outstanding performance.

-Julia A

I was charged with a DWI. This was something I did not take lightly, I felt as if my life was ruined due to my poor decision. Some don’t realize just how much this offense can cost you. It can cost you your driver’s license, your job and even your freedom. Luke Scardino cared about my case and the outcome of it. Thanks to Mr. Luke’s hard work and knowledge of the law, my charges were dropped. I couldn’t be more thankful. Mr. Luke, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

-Shah A

Mr. Scardigno handled my false arrest case with the utmost professionalism. Mr. Scardigno responded promptly to phone calls, emails and text. I felt that I had his eyes and ears and not just another case on a court docket. Most of all he was enthusiastic about the case. When, presenting my defense, he was LITERALLY the most VOCAL attorney in the court room; and it was only in the pretrial phase. I could only imagine how he is during trial. During one of my most dire moments, in which my job was jeopardy, Mr. Scardigno got my case completely dismissed. Unlike many firms and public defenders, He just doesn’t plead your case, Luke is actually interested in presenting the best possible defense. Affordable, attentive, and understanding, you cannot go wrong with Luke Scardigno.

-Brian W.

Luke Scardigno is very professional and knowledgeable of law and indeed caring and considerate to his clients. Luke walked me all the way throughout my idv case even allocating pointers on how to deal with the other party in a mature manner. Luke is one of the best persons a person can meet. He wears many hats and always makes sure his clients are satisfied. Thank you, Luke for everything and may God Bless you always.

-A Google User

After Reading the other testimonials it doesn’t seem like there’s much to say about Mr. Scardigno that hasn’t already been stated, so I’ll leave you with what I came away with on a personal level during my interaction with him: I interviewed several attorneys to represent me on this case because I wanted to ensure the best possible outcome. In the end, I realize how fortunate I was to go with my gut feelings (which were overwhelmingly positive) and retain his services after our first meeting. The first thing I noticed was his promptness; he always arrived either a few minutes early, or right on time. I found him to be a great listener, as he took the time to get to know me and learn about my situation. He was, fair, charismatic, honest, calm, and most importantly, he was knowledgeable. I walked away from this case thankful, relieved and extremely satisfied with the way Mr. Scardigno represented me. I would not hesitate to call him again (which will hopefully be no time soon) and I highly recommend his services to those who are looking for an above average experience. Luke, thank you for a job well done!

-William H.