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Defense Attorney Who Understands Harassment Charges

Harassment charges occur when someone is put in fear of a physical injury. Based on the circumstances, these charges can have a wide range of consequences. To minimize the impact these charges have on you and your family, you need an accomplished criminal defense lawyer on your side.

I am attorney Luke Scardigno, and I have the legal skills and a deep understanding of New York criminal law that you need when you are charged with a crime. Through my more than 30 years of practice, I have focused only in the area of criminal law so that I can provide clients with focused and efficient representation.

Harassment Under New York Law

In New York, there are many different factors that are considered when charging someone with harassment. Because I have an in-depth understanding of these factors, I can explain important aspects of your case such as the following:

  • There are many different charges that can be leveled against you per the New York Consolidated Laws, Election Law – ELN § 5-508, including:
    • “Harassment in the first degree
    • Harassment in the second degree
    • Aggravated harassment in the first degree
    • Aggravated harassment in the second degree”
  • Aggravated harassment charges are Class E felonies. Being labeled as a felon can have significant adverse effects that follow you for the rest of your life, so it is vital to have an experienced defense attorney on your side.
  • Police and prosecutors will aggressively pursue domestic violence charges such as harassment, so it is vital that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

I give my clients the direct, personal attention from a lawyer that they need when going through difficult situations such as being charged with a crime. I will work tirelessly, both during and after your case, to help you return your life as close as possible to the way it was before your arrest.

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