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If you are involved in a family court case, whether it is child custody or visitation matter; a family member or a former partner is seeking an order of protection, or a child support order against you; or Child Protective Services is investigating you and your family, you need an attorney who is familiar and competent in these areas of law. Not all attorneys are equipped to handle all legal matters. Each attorney, for the most part is not a jack-of-all-trades.

I, Luke Scardigno, have been handling both family court matters, and family related criminal court cases, for over 30 years. Yes, unfortunately, there is a common thread between the two court houses in certain instances, and having a lawyer who know how to handle both can be a great advantage to you, both with respect to strategy in the cases, and financially.

If your significant other is not letting you see your child or children, has commenced a petition for custody in Family Court, has commenced a petition to have an order of protection against you, has filed for a child support order against you, or if child protective services is now involved with your family, you should seek a free consultation as soon as possible with me. Do not let the case get to a point where it is difficult for a lawyer to come in to the case and change what has happened. Early intervention is the most important part of a legal case.

You have nothing to lose by contacting me to discuss your matter for a free consultation. I offer very reasonable payment plans, and my fees overall are very reasonable.