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The consequences of a criminal arrest are great. Besides facing fines, an arrest may result in the complete loss of your freedom. Certain crimes under New York laws can result in years of imprisonment.

I am attorney Luke Scardigno in Kew Gardens, Queens. At my law firm, I provide aggressive defense representation for people accused of all crimes in the New York City area.

Other Areas Of Criminal Defense Representation I Provide

In addition to DWI, license suspension and domestic violence cases, I handle all types of felony, misdemeanor and violation cases, including:

Fighting For Your Rights And Freedom

Whatever your problem, I can apply my more than 25 years of experience in the criminal courts to help you. After taking as much time as necessary to carefully review your case, and walking you step by step through all of your options regarding your case, I will use my powerful and persuasive advocacy skills to defend you and advocate your case to the prosecutor and the court. If a trial becomes necessary, I will prepare to represent you through the investigation of witnesses, exploration of the defenses and issuances of relevant subpoenas, medical evidence and testimony, and whatever else is necessary to defend you successfully in your case in Queens, Brooklyn, New York City, The Bronx, Nassau or Suffolk County.

For a free consultation about a criminal case in New York, call me at 718-414-6186.

I focus my practice on criminal defense so I can give my clients the most effective and powerful representation possible. When you choose me to represent you, I will do all I can to help you or your loved one avoid a criminal conviction and any jail sentence. I have helped thousands of clients do just that in my over 25-year career as a criminal lawyer in Queens.

The Criminal Defense Process In New York

I will help you understand the entire criminal process, and I will attempt to make that experience the least stressful as possible for you and your family. I will explain what you can expect after you have been arrested, you are asked to surrender or when you speak to law enforcement officers.

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

I take a comprehensive approach to all my clients’ cases. This means that I will examine all of the police enforcement, court and prosecutor paperwork involved in your case, to ensure that the proper procedures and time limits under New York law were adhered to, seeking to minimize the damage to your current and future life. As your criminal defense attorney, I will continue to be there for you and your family throughout the case, and offer assistance with civil issues that may arise out of certain types of criminal charges, which is something other criminal attorneys may not be able or willing to do.

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To schedule a free consultation, call 718-414-6186 or fill out my online contact form. My office is conveniently located just across the street from the Queens County Criminal Courthouse, in Kew Gardens. My fees are reasonable, and payment plans are available so that you can get the representation you deserve in a way that fits your financial situation and needs.

Spanish, Italian and Greek language services are available.