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Put New York’s Criminal Record Sealing Law To Your Benefit

A criminal conviction is a hard thing to live with. It can stop you from getting a job or a promotion. It can harm your eligibility for student aid. It could prevent you from getting a mortgage loan or volunteering at your children’s activities.

That is why record sealing is so valuable. Successfully sealing the record of your arrest or conviction can open up new opportunities to get ahead by allowing you to go to school or get a good job. Fortunately, New York recently made it easier to get a criminal record expunged.

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New Sealing Legislation

New York has revised the law regarding sealing a criminal record. Beginning in October 2017, tens of thousands of New Yorkers will be eligible to expunge up to two misdemeanor convictions and one eligible felony offense that occurred more than 10 years ago.

Previously, a criminal conviction remained on your record permanently, unless you qualified for a conditional sealing.

What Is Record Sealing?

Criminal record sealing means that information about your arrest or conviction is no longer publicly available. It will not show up on civil background checks conducted by employers. Sealing your criminal record does not completely erase the event; it can affect sentencing if you are convicted of another crime, for example, and can be used in immigration proceedings.

Still, the benefits are numerous. Most misdemeanor convictions and some felony convictions are eligible for record sealing under New York’s new law. Eligible convictions include DWI, petit larceny (shoplifting) and almost all nonviolent misdemeanor offenses. Ineligible offenses include sex crimes and homicide, among others.

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