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Defending Your Rights In Probation Violation Cases

Have you received a notice in the mail from the probation department that you have violated probation? And that you must appear in Queens Supreme Court Part K-13?

If you have, this can be a very serious matter. In New York state, you can only be on probation for a misdemeanor or felony charge. This means that if you are found to have violated your terms and conditions of probation, you can be subject to resentencing to either city jail time, or state prison, depending on what type of charge for which you are on probation.

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Hiring a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you get such notification from the probation department can make a big difference in what happens in court. For example, if a person tested positive for drugs on a drug test, an experienced criminal lawyer who is familiar with the violation of probation court in Queens would know what to do before the court date, which may help the probationer stay out of jail.

A violation of a probation notice does not mean you are definitely going to jail or prison. There are many factors that an experienced criminal attorney assists you with to help you stay out of jail or prison.

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