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Taking Action Regarding Warrants For The Failure To Appear

The last thing you want is for police officers to show up at your place of employment, or your home to execute the warrant. What does it mean when a police officer executes a warrant? That means the officer will handcuff you and bring you to the Queens Criminal Court, or whatever other courthouse you may have the warrant pending. Eventually they will bring you in front of the judge in the courtroom in which your warrant was originally issued. If it is a new complaint from a complainant, then the police officers would handcuff you and bring you to the precinct in which the complaint was lodged. The police will process your arrest by fingerprinting you and take your arrest photo. They will then complete all the necessary police reports pertaining to the arrest and complaint. Finally, they will bring you down to central booking for more processing, where you will await arraignment before a criminal court judge. An experienced criminal defense lawyer or attorney can assist you or your loved one in making the process run more smoothly and quickly.

I am Luke Scardigno, a criminal defense attorney located in Kew Gardens, Queens, near the Queens Criminal Courthouse. My law offices are located across the street from the Queens Criminal Courthouse. Do not get caught unprepared in a situation like this. It is always better to contact a criminal lawyer prior to the police arresting you on a warrant. The difference between a voluntary surrender on a warrant for your arrest and an arrest made by the police for your warrant (involuntary return on a warrant) has a huge impact on the criminal court judge sitting in the courtroom listening to the facts of your situation regarding the warrant.

The Arrest Process

This process in Queens County, and other courthouses in New York City, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn/Kings, Staten Island/Richmond, and Bronx County, usually takes up to 24 hours, but in other cases where there are numerous other arrests in the court system, it can take longer.

  • Did you receive a call from the New York City Police Department or Queens Criminal Court advising you that you have a warrant out for your arrest?
  • Did you apply for a job and were notified that there is a warrant out for your arrest?
  • Did you forget to appear on a court date and now there is a warrant for your arrest?
  • Has there been a complaint made against you by someone to the New York City Police Department and now there is a warrant for your arrest?

Any of this can result in legal complications. In the event of any of these occurrences, contact Law Office of Luke Scardigno for immediate guidance.

Minimizing The Consequences

Do not hesitate to call me at 718-414-6186, or send me an email. I will immediately return your call if I do not answer the phone. I am here to help you with your warrant situation.

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