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Minimizing The Consequences Of An Aggravated DWI

The consequences of any DWI charge can impact your life negatively in many ways. When an Aggravated DWI is involved, these ramifications can be especially severe. In order to minimize the serious repercussions of an Aggravated DWI charge, you need the help of an accomplished criminal defense lawyer.

I use my more than 25 years of criminal defense experience to help protect clients in Queens and throughout New York City. I understand that you are facing severe consequences, so I will be there, personally, for you at every step of the legal process. I will assertively protect and advise you of your rights at all times. Many times a trial is not necessary in a criminal case that involves Aggravated DWI. However, if a trial does become necessary, I will be there for you until there is complete resolution of your matter.

Aggravated DWI — Charges And Consequences

A DWI arrest leads to a charge of Aggravated DWI when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .18 or greater. When this charge is involved, the penalties are higher than those for a normal misdemeanor DWI. Some of these penalties include:

  • Up to one year of jail time
  • A minimum one-year suspension of your driver’s license
  • Fines in excess of $1,000

Due to the severe nature of these penalties, you need to have a seasoned criminal attorney who knows the DWI laws of NYC on your side as soon as possible. Please let my office help you minimize all potential penalties and consequences.

In addition to representing you during your criminal case, I will work tirelessly to help you get your life back on track. I have extensive experience assisting with civil matters associated with any DWI charge, such as getting back your car from NYPD forfeiture or helping with a Department of Motor Vehicles refusal hearing. I have successfully defended numerous DMV refusal hearings for many clients, avoiding the mandatory $750 civil penalty and the mandatory one-year license revocation.

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