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The different types of domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2016 | Domestic Violence

Many New Yorkers believe that domestic abuse only involves physical violence. While physical violence is a form of abuse, it is merely one of many tactics that abusers may use on their victims. Emotional abuse is a common tactic because the victim may not even realize that he or she is being abused. These abusers manipulate their victims into believing that they are the problem and can be so severe that victims sometimes wish that they had been the recipient of physical force instead.

Sexual abuse is rarely discussed, but it is a real and common form of abuse against a partner. In some cases, victims may be forced to have sex with their abuser or fear what may happen if they refuse to do so. Abuse may also involve sex without protection or being forced to commit degrading acts against their will. Victims may also be forced to have sex with other people against their will.

Financial abuse involves cutting off access to individual or joint bank or other accounts. Victims may be given an allowance in lieu of carrying their own money. Victims may also have debts run up in their name or otherwise be made dependent on their partners for financial support. This may make it almost impossible for a victim to leave the relationship.

Those who face allegations of family violence may spend time in jail or lose the right to see their children if convicted. Therefore, those who are facing these types of charges may want to speak to a criminal defense attorney who may in some cases challenge the charge by arguing that the alleged physical abuse was really the defendant engaging in self-defense.


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