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3 men sentenced for growing marijuana

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Drug Crimes

On March 16, three New York men were sentenced on felony charges after they were accused of being in possession of more than 13 pounds of marijuana. The three individuals were identified as a 27-year-old Lafayette resident, a 33-year-old Syracuse resident and a 34-year-old Manlius resident.

The three men were taken into custody in August 2016 following an investigation after authorities discovered more than 100 marijuana plants growing in an area near Bear Swamp State Forest. The plants were reportedly about 7 feet tall and was estimated to be worth more than $26,000. It was believed that the three men were responsible for obtaining the starter plants, tending to them and ultimately harvesting them.

All three men pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal possession of marijuana. During their sentencing, the attorney for two of the men argued that a fourth man was the person in charge of the operation. However, the fourth man had cooperated with the investigation while the three convicted men did not. As such, all three men were sentenced to five years of probation. Two of the men were also sentenced to a maximum 50 hours of community service.

people who are accused of the distribution of marijuana in the state of New York, they could potentially face fines and even a jail sentence. If they are facing a felony charge, they could be facing up to 15 years of prison. A criminal law attorney may furnish a defense by providing evidence that shows that the marijuana did not belong to the accused person. The attorney may also seek to have the case dismissed if there is evidence of illegal search and seizure or if the authorities did not follow proper procedures.

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