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Why do insurance rates rise after a DWI charge?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | DWI

Did you know that a drunk driving allegation could have a significant impact on your car insurance rates? A DWI can affect many aspects of your life. Even as you are thinking about your license suspension or installation of an ignition interlock device, you could be dealing with higher insurance premiums that could easily break the bank. Instead of just allowing these issues to persist, defendants often benefit from seeking the help of a qualified legal professional to defend their rights in court.

How much of an increase might you expect from a drunk driving conviction? Drivers in New York could expect up to a $500 increase per six-month period because of their drunk driving charges. This amounts to a one-third increase for most drivers, according to industry research.

What other factors could contribute to a rise in insurance costs after a DWI? Drunk driving is not the only consideration for an increase in insurance rates. In addition, you may experience a rise in your insurance costs because of your age – insurance rates for drunk driving defendants under 19 are about 5 percent higher than those for an older driver. The amount of time that has passed since the DWI and the specific company that you choose for your insurance coverage may also play a role in your insurance costs.

What can you do to avoid those rate increases? The most obvious answer: Avoid being convicted on drunk driving charges. Protecting your future from DWI allegations involves so much more than just fighting the charges in court. Many aspects of your life could be affected by drunk driving charges – from professional licensure to your ability to maintain affordable car insurance. A knowledgeable legal professional can help you establish a defense plan to maximize your outcome in New York court.

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