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Domestic violence rate rise spurs task force into action

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Domestic Violence

A new report out of New York City’s mayor’s office indicates that intimate partner homicides are on the rise in the municipality. Authorities say that domestic violence homicides rose by a dramatic 20 percent in 2016, jumping to 59 cases from their 2015 level of 49 cases. Also, the city saw an overall rise in the number of reported domestic assault charges, with an increase of about 1.3 percent. During that same span, other violent crimes such as rape and murder dropped by about 3.6 percent.

As a result, the mayor’s office has announced a $7 million investment in new initiatives designed to prevent and prosecute domestic violence incidents. The mayor has said that domestic violence is endemic to every neighborhood in the city, and he and his wife are dedicated to stemming the tide of family violence. A dedicated task force has developed recommendations surrounding early intervention at home for traumatized children, along with additional support to prevent recidivism through the city’s Probation Department.

What does this mean for those facing domestic assault charges? The city is even more eager to prosecute these crimes than it was in the past. As a consequence, more defendants may see aggressive prosecution that could lead to a wrongful domestic violence conviction or unfair criminal charges. In a crime that depends so heavily on one party’s word against another, accusations of bodily injury may be taken even more seriously, and the courts could levy penalties where they are not deserved.

Defendants who are facing the serious consequences and damaged reputations that come along with domestic violence charges can benefit from the help of an attorney. These professionals can give you the peace of mind you need to know that you are protected in court. You have legal rights and options, and you deserve a fair courtroom proceeding.

Source: New York Post, “Domestic violence homicides surged last year,” Michael Gartland, May 01, 2017


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