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Domestic violence charges can impact your freedom and family

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Domestic Violence

Things might have gone too far with your spouse during an argument and now you are looking at domestic violence charges. These charges can have a big impact on your life because they involve a violent crime. A conviction can impact your life in a host of ways. One thing that you have to remember if you find yourself in the unbelievable position of facing these charges is that you have the right to defend yourself against the charges.

We know that you are probably very concerned right now. You might be wondering exactly how it came to this. One mistake might cost you your freedom and your family. These are the factors that you can use to help you stay motivated to fight the charges.

One thing that you can’t count on is that your alleged victim will drop the charges against you. First, there is a good chance that the victim won’t want to drop them. Second,, whether to drop criminal charges or not is up to the prosecuting attorney.

Another thing that you have to think about is what you are going to do now. If there was an order of protection issued that forbids you from contacting the victim, you might not even be able to go home. There is a chance that you will have to arrange supervised visits to see your children.

We understand that fighting domestic violence charges is something that is often very personal. Learning about the options that you have might help you to decide what you are going to do and how you are going to move forward with your life.