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Does a DWI have an impact on your reputation? 

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | DWI

There are a lot of things to consider if you’re facing DWI charges. First and foremost, you’re probably worried about things like losing your license or having to pay hefty fines. You may even believe that you weren’t under the influence at all and that it was a false arrest, and so you certainly don’t want to see these ramifications.

But what about the way that this could impact different areas in your life? For instance, is getting a DWI going to have a major negative impact on your reputation and your career abilities?

A DWI can dramatically impact your life

You’re right to be concerned about this, as it is completely legal for most employers to fire at-will employees after they get a DWI. As long as the employer isn’t discriminating against the employee, that firing is legal. Furthermore, your employee handbook may tell you that a DWI is grounds for termination. You may then find it harder to get another job afterward when you can’t get a good recommendation from that company.

Why can employers do this? Employers are also worried about the harm to their reputation when an employee is charged with a crime. They don’t want one of their employees to be in the news on DWI charges, and they may just find that it’s easier to let you go, even if you were not guilty.

This is just one more reason why you absolutely need to explore all of your legal options when you’re facing charges. A conviction could have serious ramifications.