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How can you protect your parenting time after abuse allegations?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Maybe your ex has accused you of being abusive toward them, or perhaps the accusation involves allegations of inappropriate discipline when you have parenting time with your children. Claims of domestic violence or physical abuse can hurt a parent’s chance at shared custody or limit what parental rights the courts assign to them. 

How can you protect your relationship with your children while facing allegations of inappropriate discipline or domestic violence? 

Fight back against the charges

One of the best ways to protect your parental rights when accused of child abuse or domestic violence in New York is to defend yourself against any criminal charges assertively. You may also want to show up to defend against any order of protection proceedings that the other parent initiates against you. 

By appropriately responding to legal matters related to the allegations, you can demonstrate your innocence and prevent the conviction or restraining order from affecting your parenting rights. 

Address the issues that will lead to the allegation

You may not know that the state offers parenting classes to help develop better parenting skills or adjust to co-parenting arrangements. Voluntarily attending parenting classes can be a way to demonstrate your commitment to your relationship with your children. 

Going through anger management courses or counseling can also help you fight back against allegations that it would not be safe for the children to have time alone with you. 

Having the right approach when responding to domestic violence accusations k can limit the impact of such claims on your family.