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How high is your BAC after two drinks?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | DWI

One reason that people get arrested on DWI charges is simply that they don’t think they’ve consumed enough alcohol to be over the legal limit. They know that they were drinking, but maybe they just had a couple of drinks with dinner or something of this nature. They certainly don’t feel like they’re drunk and they didn’t think they were violating the law.

The legal limit for most drivers is 0.08%, with exceptions for commercial drivers or minors. How high is your blood alcohol concentration actually going to be after two drinks, and could you get over that level?

Many factors determine your BAC

There are a lot of things to think about here, as your blood alcohol concentration is not simply determined by the number of drinks that you had. Other things that go into it include the percentage of alcohol in that drink, your weight, your gender and much more.

For instance, a man who weighs 150 pounds could have two drinks, and his blood alcohol concentration would be roughly 0.05%. If that man only weighs 100 pounds, however, his blood alcohol concentration after the same number of drinks would be 0.08%. The first man, who weighs 50 pounds more, would need to have a third drink in order to get up to the legal limit.

This is part of the reason that women tend to have a higher BAC after fewer drinks than men. They also tend to be smaller, which plays into it, and gender itself has been shown to have an impact.

Have you been arrested?

If your blood alcohol concentration was such that you were arrested on DWI charges when you thought that it was safe for you to drive, then it’s time to start looking into all of your legal defense options