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How common are physical arguments between couples?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Domestic Violence

One thing that people will sometimes claim if they were accused of domestic violence is that they simply got into an argument. They disagreed with their spouse or their romantic partner. Things may have escalated, but they considered it to be a fairly normal disagreement between two adults. They may not think that they crossed a line, even though their partner claims they did.

One reason for this point of view is that physical issues between couples are far more common than many people realize. For instance, in one study that asked people if their disagreements turned physical, a full 25% of those asked said it had happened within the first five years after they tied the knot.

Some couples claim to be happy.

One of the most interesting things about the study is that many of the couples claimed they were still happy and in love – even though they reported aggressive behaviors such as slapping, pushing and even hitting. One of the researchers involved said that: “There is this assumption that if people are hitting each other, they are unhappy. That’s not the case.”

What this means is that you may simply think that this is how you and your spouse relate to each other and that some types of physical contact are a normal part of your relationship – or, at least, of your disagreements. And it may be that way for a time, but then you could find yourself facing accusations of domestic violence when you don’t think anything changed or escalated from what was happening before. 

If you do find yourself in this position and facing legal charges, then you need to know about your defense options. Experienced legal guidance can help.