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NFL star released after alleged drunk driving incident

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | DWI

NFL fans in New York and around the country will likely be familiar with the former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd. The 27-year-old former first round draft pick had been expected to sign a lucrative new contract at the end of the 2016 football season, but he was released by the Cardinals on Dec. 14 after being taken into custody by Scottsdale police on drunk driving charges.

Officers say that they became suspicious when they observed a Cadillac SUV in the left turn lane at an intersection in downtown Scottsdale on Dec. 12 at approximately 2:48 a.m. Officers claim that they watched as the vehicle failed to move when the light turned green. When they approached the SUV, officers say that the driver appeared to be unconscious or sleeping. Initial efforts to gain Floyd’s attention were unsuccessful, and officers say that only persistent and loud banging on the driver’s side window roused him.

Floyd was taken into custody after admitting to officers that he had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening. Police reports indicate that the wide receiver was unsteady as he exited his vehicle and his breath smelled of alcohol. Floyd is said to have refused to provide police with a breath or blood sample. In addition to drunk driving charges, Floyd is facing counts of failing to obey a police officer and obstructing a roadway.

This case reveals how drunk driving charges can impact careers even before motorists have been convicted. Experienced criminal defense attorneys may seek to mitigate the impact of DUI charges during plea negotiation discussions. Prosecutors may be persuaded to show leniency when those accused of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol have no prior record of driving drunk and show genuine remorse for their actions. Attorneys may also encourage motorists to refrain from making incriminating statements to police that could make it more difficult for them to secure a plea agreement.

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