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Some central considerations regarding domestic violence in New York

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2016 | Domestic Violence

Helping you “get your life back to where it was before the arrest.”

We note that primary advocacy goal on our criminal defense website at the Queens Law Office of Luke Scardigno, specifically with reference to domestic violence accusations made against a New York resident.

As we point out therein, defending against a domestic violence charge in New York City or elsewhere across the state can be a dauntingly serious matter. The stakes are high, with potentially adverse consequences spanning a wide universe of possibilities.

Proven attorneys who command a deep well of experience representing individuals arrested in alleged domestic violence incidents know well how the system works and how to optimally promote the best interests of any person who has been targeted by law enforcers.

One reason for their knowledge and applied acumen in such cases is this: They routinely represent clients in such matters, given that legions of domestic abuse allegations are levied each year across New York City. Reportedly, nearly 285,000 claims were made in one recent year.

As with any other alleged crime, a presumption of innocence unless proven guilty necessarily attaches to a domestic violence-related charge.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine where the maintenance of that presumption is more important than in the case of a domestic abuse accusation. Such matters often bring explosive and potentially family-changing consequences.

And, sadly, what is alleged is not always accurate. Every experienced defense attorney has represented clients who were falsely charged with violence, owing to a complainant’s desire to gain some advantage in a family law or other matter.

Our law firm provides aggressive and knowledgeable representation to individuals in the city and elsewhere across New York State who need strong legal advocacy to defend against domestic violence charges.

And we proudly play that role, given that every criminal suspect has the right to fundamental fairness, a dispassionate search for truth and an equitable criminal outcome.

We welcome readers’ contacts to the firm and the opportunity to help them when they face a serious legal challenge.