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Men accused of Russian mob ties

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Criminal Defense

On June 14, it was reported that the acting Manhattan U.S. attorney filed three indictments and two criminal complaints against a number of people accused of being part of an alleged “Russian crime syndicate” based in New York. In total, more than two dozen men between the ages of 22 to 59 were being accused of involvement in hiring hitmen and running gambling rings, among other crimes.

One 40-year-old man, who was thought to be the group’s boss, was a well-known figure and is supposedly the protégé of a major mob figure in Russia. He had reportedly been taken into custody previously in 2013. Within the last four years, he had been able to get out of jail and set up an entire new network.

This network was reportedly made up of smaller crews of people who were responsible for carrying out different crimes. The leader also reportedly had men stationed in Florida, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in addition to abroad. Many of the men involved were born in the Soviet Union and after its collapse maintained ties with Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.

Depending on the crimes a person is accused of committing, the punishments can range from probation and fines to years in prison. A criminal defense attorney can advise such a person of their legal options and potential defense strategies. In some cases, the attorney may fight the charges if the evidence against the accused person is weak. The attorney may also seek out witnesses and other crucial evidence or may determine if a plea deal could result in a more positive outcome.

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