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Shared electric scooter service a concern in New York City

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Injuries

Like any New Yorker, spending time outdoors is appealing to you. Although getting around by foot is often a feasible method to get to your destination and spend time outdoors, it is not always the easiest or most attractive way to get to where you are going. Because of this, you are more prone to use other methods of transportation. While others might use the subway or bus system, you are enticed to use shared services that provide bikes and scooters for the public to use.

While these are popular ways to get around, an electric scooter is just as if not more dangerous than a motor vehicle. However, you are not thinking about that when you jump on the scooter to quickly get you to your destination. This does not cross your mind until you were struck by another vehicle and suffered serious injuries as a result.

Problems with shared scooter service in New York

Based on recent reports, a third person has suffered fatal injuries in New York City as a result of an accident involving an electric scooter from the shared service offered by Revel. This death marks the third one that occurred in that past month. As a result, the service provided by the company has been paused in the city until they can complete a further review of the service while also considering rider liability and other safety measures that could be taken.

When compared to shared bicycle services in cities, it is believed that this company has not done enough for rider safety. Furthermore, it was asserted that the company has not been held strict enough to these safety standards. Because of this, civil actions have resulted due to injuries and malfunctions. While the company stated that it has suspended riders for not wearing helmets or violating rules, such as riding on sidewalks, this does not guard against the scooter malfunctioning or providing additional safety features in the event of a crash with another vehicle.

Taking action following a crash

Many questions go through your mind when you are involved in an accident. While you are focused on your health and wellbeing following a crash, it is important that you fully understand what happened. If you are operating a vehicle that does not belong to you, such as a ride share electric scooter, it is vital to not only establish the cause but also consider the responsibility the company might have in the crash. While another motorist may be the cause, if the shared vehicle malfunctioned or did not meet safety standards, liability could also be placed on the company as well.

A personal injury action could help an injured victim hold a negligent party accountable for the accident. This civil suit could help the injured party recover compensation to address damages such as medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages and other losses.



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