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Dangerous stereotypes in domestic violence cases 

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Domestic Violence

Stereotypes are almost always problematic, but they are also hard to avoid. Many people hold to these even without making a conscious effort to do so. It’s just the way they think and they believe it is correct and accurate. 

For instance, researchers have found that the way law enforcement officers often think about domestic violence stereotypes victims and abusers. One of the clearest ways that this happens is when they assume that the perpetrators are male and the victims are female.

How male victims end up arrested

This could play out, for example, if you are a man who is in a relationship with an abusive woman. One day, things get out of control and a neighbor calls the police. You’re initially relieved when you see the flashing lights, but the police take one look at the situation and arrest you, even though you were just trying to defend yourself from the attack. Your partner doubles down and accuses you of causing the violence, something that is all too easily accepted due to these stereotypes. 

This is incredibly frustrating when it happens, both because you are not being protected in the way you deserve and because you are now facing criminal charges just for defending yourself. It feels like getting the police involved has made things vastly worse. 

You do still have options

Even when things seem stacked against you, you do still have legal options. You do not deserve to be charged when you were the victim, and you need to know about all of the proper legal steps to take moving forward.