Attorney Defending You Against Medicaid Fraud

The consequences of Medicaid fraud charges are significant. In addition to facing criminal charges, investigators in such matters are looking for ways to recoup thousands of dollars from you. It is essential that you have an attorney in your corner who understands the investigating process and who can provide you the best form of legal protection when you need it most.

I am criminal defense attorney Luke Scardigno of Queens, New York, and I provide the type of representation you need in these circumstances. I have handled cases where the NYC Human Resources Administration, Department of Social Services claimed recipients owed more than $40,000 for funds they were not entitled to receive. I understand how the department conducts these investigations, and I understand the steps required to have you acquitted of all charges, or even better.

How To Avoid The Arrest

You can be sure that an investigation is occurring for Medicaid fraud if you receive:

  • A letter from the NYC Human Resources Administration, Department of Social Services
  • A letter from the Investigation, Revenue and Enforcement Bureau of Fraud Investigation, and the letter is asking you for certain financial documentation

If either of these events occurs, contact a knowledgeable Medicaid fraud defense lawyer as soon as you can. Prompt action can prevent such matters from escalating. These letters will ask you to call an investigator from the Fraud Investigation Unit located in New York City.

I highly recommend you come to me before speaking to any investigators regarding what occurred. Delays in response can result in a simple civil prosecution turning into a criminal prosecution — and possibly ending up with you paying fines, serving time and having a criminal record.

Time Is Of The Essence

By addressing such a matter quickly — producing documentation showing that there has been no fraudulent activity — you may walk away from the investigation without owing any money at all.

As a criminal defense attorney, I have handled these types of cases, both on a civil and a criminal level. I know how to defend your rights and what steps to take to minimize the consequences.

Contact My Law Firm At Your Earliest Convenience

Do not be one of those statistics facing criminal prosecution for Medicaid fraud. Contact a Queens Medicaid fraud attorney, located in NYC, for a free consultation regarding your situation at 718-261-5151, or email me through the email link located on my website.