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What To Do When Facing Criminal Obstruction Of Breathing Charges

Criminal obstruction of breathing, known to many as strangulation, is a very serious crime in New York. If convicted, an individual may face jail time and other serious consequences.

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As an experienced assault defense attorney, I will take immediate action and work toward reducing or eliminating all possible consequences.

Understanding Criminal Obstruction Of Breathing Charges In New York

The crime of criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation involves impeding the normal breathing or blood circulation of another person. As per New York Penal Law section 121.11, this is done either by applying pressure to another individual’s neck or throat, or by blocking another individual’s mouth or nose.

When building a criminal defense case to criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, it is important to look at intent. If the accused accidentally obstructed another person’s breathing, or if the accused did not intend to obstruct another person’s breathing or blood flow, this needs to be considered by the criminal defense lawyer. Also, many charges are exaggerated by the accuser, especially if a family court or matrimonial case is pending between the parties. I will listen to what you have to say, and relay your side to the prosecutor and the court.

As an experienced assault defense attorney, I will take the time to learn the details of your case, looking at intent and other factors and defenses. When I have a full understanding of the circumstances, I will work to build an effective and aggressive defense.

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