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Compassionate DWI Defense For Drivers Under 21

Was your child, who is under the age of 21, charged with driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or drugs? When facing these serious issues, you want a lawyer who will vigorously protect the best interests of your child.

At the Law Office of Luke Scardigno in Queens, New York, I provide comprehensive and aggressive defense and advice for your child facing these issues. I am fully committed to protecting your child’s rights and future. When a person under the age of 21 is charged with driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or drugs, different provisions of the New York vehicle and traffic law apply than for a person 21 years of age or older.

Protecting Underage Drivers From DWI Charges

Drinking and driving can result in more than just a license revocation. Failing to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer may result in your child having to check “yes” when asked about prior criminal history on job applications, college admittance applications and other forms in his or her adult years. Talk to a lawyer to receive an explanation of all your child’s options under the circumstances, and to find out the consequences of a conviction and what possibilities there may be to avoid a criminal conviction.

Seek The Best Possible Outcome And Protect Your Child’s Future

At the Law Office of Luke Scardigno, I am dedicated to protecting your child’s rights and future, and providing sound legal guidance. Whatever the situation, you can be confident that the Law Office of Luke Scardigno will do everything possible to avoid a criminal conviction for your child. Also, you will know exactly what license revocation periods may apply under the NYS vehicle and traffic laws, as well as the applicable monetary fines. I know and understand how important your child is to you, and I will not let you down.

Contact A Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Child

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