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Defending Drivers Facing License Suspension And Revocation

Being charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license in New York can affect many different aspects of your life, and can even lead to you being labeled with a criminal conviction, or even a felony. Because of this, you need to have an experienced lawyer on your side who will assertively defend and advise you of your rights, and tell you how you can avoid those consequences.

When you turn to me, attorney Luke Scardigno in Queens, you can be assured that your case is in the hands of an attorney who has focused on criminal defense law for over 30 years. I use the techniques and strategies that I have developed through my years of practice to mount a powerful defense campaign on your behalf. I walk you through all of your options, at all stages of your case.

Common Causes Of Driver’s License Suspensions In New York

There are many situations that can lead to your license being suspended or revoked, including:

  • Moving violation tickets — When you do not take care of tickets for moving violations, your license can eventually be suspended. This comes up when you forget to pay the fine or do not provide the court with a forwarding address so you do not get reminders to pay a fine or answer a ticket. Additionally, 11 or more points or three or more speeding tickets within 18 months will result in your New York driver’s license or privileges to drive in New York being suspended or revoked.
  • Suspension lift fee — When your suspension period is over, you have to pay a fee to the New York DMV to get the suspension lifted. If you do not pay this, your license remains suspended.
  • Driver assessment fee — When you have a certain amount of moving violations within a period of time, or when you are charged with a DWI or DWAI, you have to pay a driver assessment fee. This fee is spread over three years. Many people pay the first year, and then forget to continue paying. If you fail to pay the entire fee when due, your license will be suspended.

If you are stopped by the police while you are driving with a suspended or revoked license, you will be arrested. Sometimes you are not even aware your license or privilege is suspended or revoked. There are defenses to these charges. I will advise you of how your case will fare in court if you call me.

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