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Criminal Possession Of A Weapon In New York

Being charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the state of New York is serious. I am criminal defense attorney Luke Scardigno, and I am the founder of the Law Office of Luke Scardigno in Queens. With over 30 years of legal experience, I am dedicated to providing my clients with legal strategies that defend their rights and protect their freedom. If you have been accused of a weapons crime in New York, I can help.

Defending Your Future: Criminal Defense For Weapons Charges

A weapons charge is not to be taken lightly – it can threaten your freedom and your future. District attorneys in New York are relentless, often seeking incarceration even for first-time offenses. Understanding the gravity of your situation, I approach your defense with the urgency and vigor it demands, ensuring that every angle is explored to protect your rights.

Weapons Charges And Your Rights

Weapons can be discovered in various scenarios, including at traffic stops or at the airport. Sometimes, this means that weapons were discovered in a way that infringed upon your rights, such as an illegal search and seizure. It’s critical to have an attorney who understands the intricacies of the law and can challenge any evidence that the district attorneys might have obtained unlawfully.

What Is Criminal Possession Of A Weapon?

It’s not a secret that New York’s gun laws are some of the toughest in the country. In the state of New York, it is illegal to unlawfully possess an unregistered gun or firearm. It is also illegal to possess a weapon with the intent to use that weapon in an unlawful manner against another person. Weapons can include:

  • Firearms or guns
  • Knives, switchblades or daggers
  • Plastic, metal or brass knuckles
  • Baseball bats

Regardless of the weapon involved, I am equipped to take on your case. I offer personalized attention and a robust legal strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

Unwavering Advocacy For Weapons Defense

When you’re up against weapons charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you every step of the way. I never judge my clients. My approach is hands-on, ensuring that you understand the charges against you, my legal strategy and what to expect during the legal proceedings. My clients receive personal attention and unwavering advocacy. Together, we can navigate these trying times.

Consult A Queens Criminal Defense Attorney For Free

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming, but securing an experienced criminal defense lawyer is the first step toward regaining control. I offer my clients a free, no-obligation initial consultation. To schedule your free appointment, contact me today by sending me an email through my website or by calling 718-414-6186. Let’s work together to craft a strong defense for your case.

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